The Zurich Axioms– The Sixth Major Axiom: On Mobility

The Zurich Axioms– The Sixth Major Axiom: On Mobility

By John Sage Melbourne


Everybody fears getting old since of the loss of ability that eventually comes with age. In the words of Shakespeare, eventually we end “sans everything.” Thankfully, I still have my teeth.What does this have to do with investment? According to Guthrum, a lot.You need to be always prepared to make a decision, make a change, or be flexible to make money investing.Gunther’s 6th Axiom on mobility has a lot to state about this.

? Avoid putting down roots. They impede motionDon’t permit yourself to get comfortable. Comfort and familiarity are the opponents of profit in the investing world. You ‘d better be prepared at a minute’s notification to leave your butt and change with the market’s turmoil.

? Don’t end up being trapped in a failing venture since of beliefs of commitment and nostalgiaConstantly be prepared to sell out of a bad scenario. I do not care if you’ve been with a declining business or community for several years or if you have fuzzy feelings about a previous profit it made you. Be prepared to sell out of a failing investment scenario at any time.

? Never be reluctant to sell out of a venture if something more appealing occursDon’t simply remain in a venture since you think it “owes” you something or that you owe it something. No great investor believes like that, particularly is something better occurs.

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Speculative strategy:Constantly maintain your mobility, be prepared to leap if a venture is failing or something better is on deal. Don’t be flighty or jumpy either. Just think through your reactions and their possibilities and remain flexible, so when the next chance comes, you can transfer to reach it.Want to find out more investment tips and tricks from an old-timer in the field?

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